Potato Gun

6 Dec

A ‘spud gun’ provides an excellent lesson in how pressure can impact speed and force. Potato Guns or spud guns, our pipe-based cannons, nicknamed due to their use as a hobby by firing chuck of potatoes. Many industries use pipe-based spud gun 300x225 Potato Guncannons to study high-speed impacts by small objects, including the airline industry to simulate bird strikes.

The December DangerScouts activity will focus on scouts building their own guns, as well as testing them. Construction will take place at Gangplank, with testing occurring at Foley Park.

Meeting date is Tuesday, December 14 at 6:30pm. Materials will be provided. Parents will need to sign a liability form.

Microwave Madness – Explosive Results

16 Nov

The inaugural DangerScouts event indulged every kids fantasies – candy, fire, explosions and a stinky mess. The Microwave Madness event tested reactions for various items including: light bulbs, Hello Kitty marshmallow pops, Skittles, CDs, cans of soda, tinfoil and the grand finale, two lighters.

Our faithful microwave passed the various tests, finally succumbing to death by fire with two lighters.

Watch the video highlights here. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next event – a trip to the gun range on Sunday, December 19th at 10:00am.